Our Queen's Treasures Collection of Full Spectrum CBD, Delta 8, and Delta 9 gummies. For the chill, or for the thrill. 

If you are new to the D8 and D9 edibles world, the Queen and the Captain recommend starting with 1/3 or HALF a gummy. Both products process through the liver so it may take some time to feel the full effects (typically 30 minutes to an hour.) Once you become accustomed to the product, feel free to increase your dosage to a full gummy. We do not recommend driving, attempting to dock your ship, pillaging a small village, or operating forklifts while using Delta 8 or Delta 9 edible products.


*ALWAYS STORE IN A COOL PLACE! Keeping any of our gummies in a warm/hot environment can cause melting!  


All of our CBD products are third-party tested for quality.  

Delta-9 COA

Delta-8 COA