Swashbucklers Society Logo

**Boarding the Ship: Account Access and Recruitment**
Arr matey! Ready to step aboard the grand vessel of Captain Coop's Trading Company? Here’s how ye can join the ranks or prove yer part of the crew:

- Click on Swashbucklers Society 
- Spy the 'Join now' scroll if ye be new to our waters, or hit 'Sign in' if ye’ve already sworn allegiance.
- Ye’ll be steered straight to the sign-up shores or the log-in lagoon, savvy?
- To enlist, scribble down yer email and secret code on the sign-up parchment to create yer mark.
- Or, if ye be a returnin' privateer, jot down yer known email and code to claim yer rightful spot on the account deck.
- Once yer name is etched in our logs, the Swashbucklers Society panel will open up a treasure trove of yer loyalty deeds and gains.

**Plunderin' Doubloons: How to Earn 'Em**
Gather 'round, scallywags! Here’s the lowdown on fillin' yer coffers with precious doubloons:

- We salute your pledging your loyalty (signing up) with 200 doubloons
- Seek adventure in the 'ways to earn' section of the Swashbucklers Society panel, where fortunes favor the bold.
- Take heed! For likes and follows on the social seas like Facebook's blue waters and Instagram's uncharted territories, ye must set sail from the panel directly.
- Earn doubloons for recruitin' yerself to our ranks, trading with our company, or scribblin' down yer tales of our wares, provided ye be logged in and using yer known trader's email.

**Spending Yer Doubloons: The Pirate’s Prerogative**
Listen well! Spendin' yer loot is as simple as buryin' it:

- Navigate to the 'ways to redeem' section in yer panel to spy the number of doubloons ye’ll need to claim yer treasure.
- Make sure ye be logged in to the Swashbucklers Society before ye redeem yer stash.
- Once ye have enough doubloons at yer disposal, choose 'Redeem', then 'Apply code' at checkout to watch the price plunder before yer eyes.
- Redeemed treasures will be tucked away under 'Your Rewards' for ye to claim one per order.

A word of warning! If ye wish to reverse a doubloon's destiny, ye must parley with the customer support corsairs.

**The Birthday Bounty**
On the anniversary of yer birth under the pirate's moon, claim yer birthday doubloons by:

- Logging in to set yer date of birth under the 'ways to earn' section in the Swashbucklers Society panel.
- Alas! No help can be sought from the customer support deckhands for this task.
- Be mindful, me hearty! If ye scribble in the wrong date, use the 'Edit date' compass to correct yer course.
- Remember, if ye log yer date less than 30 days to yer birthday, yer loot will wait to be awarded the next year.

**Recruiting Deckhands: Earn by Spreading the Word**
Want more doubloons? Rally yer mates through the loyalty panel:

- Share yer unique sailor's song, I mean referral link, across the seven social seas or in the privateers' messenger birds like email.
- When yer comrade follows the siren’s call to our shores and trades with the discount code, ye’ll be rewarded handsomely with an email and more doubloons in 'Your Rewards'.

**Amassing Yer Rewards**
Beware! Ye can only claim one coupon per loot at checkout. Mixin' multiple coupons is forbidden by the pirate's code, but feel free to combine a coupon with a gift card.

**Rewards and Discounted Booty**
Sometimes the tides of trade affect coupon use with goods already marked down. Should the checkout parrot squawk a no-go on yer coupon with a sale item, signal the customer support crew to navigate through murky waters.

Set yer course to captaincoops.com and chart yer path to legendary status within the Swashbucklers Society!

Live Free ~ Sail Dark