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Will CBD, Delta 8, and Delta 9 Gummies Make Me Test Positive on a Drug Test?

Aye, ye be askin' a fine question! When it comes to CBD, delta 8, and delta 9, there be a chance ye might test positive for THC on a shipshape drug test, so listen up.

CBD be a bit trickier than a sea serpent to predict. While it's less likely to show up on a test, some CBD products might have trace amounts of THC that could raise the Jolly Roger on a drug test.

As for delta 8, it be a close cousin to delta 9 and shares some similarities. Depending on the test and the dose, delta 8 might trigger a positive result, for it be metabolized in a similar manner.

Delta 9, bein' the main ingredient in regular marijuana, be most likely to send the test cannons blazin' with a positive result. It's the one that most tests be aimin' to catch.

Remember, matey, even though the chances be small, there's still a risk of a positive result with CBD or delta 8. If ye be worried 'bout walkin' the plank, best to steer clear of them and keep yer course clean and clear. Arrr!

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